About Us

Global PC Direct was founded in 2000 and It began to distribute personal computers, parts, and peripherals to wholesalers and resellers. The growing success of its business resulted in attracting the most important manufacturers to trust Global PC Direct with the distribution of their products.

We work closely with a short list of manufacturers and vendors. Our product portfolio includes Microsoft, Logitech, Dell, HP, Fortinet, Lenovo, Symantec and many other renowned brands. This concept allows us to establish strong and close relationships with each of these suppliers and at the same time to optimize our efficiency. This in return will ensure that Global PC Direct can deliver its products at competitive price levels and can guarantee a constant supply of products from stable and reliable suppliers.

Our distribution territory includes the Americas as well as Asia Pacific countries. In addition to the head office in Fremont, California, Global PC Direct maintains logistic centers in Miami, Florida, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. 

The successes of Global PC Direct are based on valuable partnerships with its vendors, resellers, channel partners and its own team. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy doing it. By focusing on a narrow range of the best brand products, we have become experts in what we sell.

Our sheer business volume leading position with our vendors brings us many benefits, which we pass on to our resellers and partners. Our real strength is built on a sound long-term relationship with several of the most significant global vendors in the IT industry. A professional approach in conducting business has enabled us to form mutually valuable relationships with several channel partners. This was achieved through stock availability, credit facilities and channel development activities such as pre-sales technical and consultancy support and quarterly reseller technology forums in all locations to educate and train the channel on the latest technology. Building on the respect and loyalty of its business partners our company gains and maintains momentum in all regions and its operations exhibit substantial growth year on year.

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